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Top 5 stylish home improvement tips

Does your home feel boring? Add spark to your life as well as home with the given below some home improvement tips on how to jazz up your home’s décor. These tips will certainly convert your home from lifeless to a fascinating one.

Juice-up your all-white kitchen

We are witnessing a sudden shift from the pervasive all-white kitchen. There is a great assortment of ways by which you can update an all-white kitchen. Try assimilating in your kitchen counters, kitchen cabinets or open space shelving. A dash of wood can instantly add warmth and bold look to the room. Another great way to intensify is by proposing another hue to your kitchen cabinetry. Go daring and bring in modern Italian styled cabinets or lend your lower shelves a contrasting hue such as dove or charcoal gray. And if you are not prepared to go for a kitchen remodeling or renovation, you can always add color with other modern kitchen accessories.

Pick unique fiber object of art

You will be amazed to know that macramé and several other fiber objects of art are quite trendy! Integrating a macramé wall hanging is an effortless way to bring an exquisite bohemian feeling to your home. You can get a wide range of elegant pieces online. But if macramé’s is not your cup of tea, you can go for other exclusive artwork like tapestries or vintage paintings.

Accentuate with brass

Metallic is something that adds passion to any area and brass is omnipresent now days. Brass looks fabulous with a little age or luster, hence overlook anything glossier. It also camouflages well with other metallic objects. Go for accessories and furniture extras like chair legs or dresser knobs.

Catch other’s eye with vintage furniture and embellishments

Now days, it’s getting hard to search anything really distinctive anymore, which is why we are witnessing a revival of interest in vintage furniture and kitchen cabinets. Leave big-box stores back and let your spaces catch the eye of everyone. State-of-the-art vintage collection can mix flawlessly with any home décor style and you will see your friends asking, “From where did you buy that?” So, whether it is elegant knobs or bold couches, dazzling lamps or any other classic piece of work, you can add everything that adds to the personality of your kitchen.

From beige to bold

Does the regular beige color upset you? Give a lift to your kitchen with a more dynamic palette. While neutral hues will never go outdated, some modern bolder shades have nosed out gray and beige. The most popular ones today include mustard and acid yellows, purples spanning from pale violet to lustrous orchid; blues in hues from light grayish shades to rich, psychedelic navy. It is simple to add these tones to your home with the help of paint, furnishings and embellishments. So even if you are not prepared to let go of your choicest neutrals, you can titivate them with a dash of color.